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Measurement Services & Solutions

How can we help? We have tailored our services model to meet you where you are in your measurement journey. Below are our core service offerings to help you upskill and accelerate your L&D function to drive business value.

Our Menu of Services and Capabilities

L&D Assessment Platform Analysis and Recommendations

The Challenge

Your company has multiple learning and assessment platforms that produce unsynthesized metrics and reporting. These platforms may have overlapping functionality and some are technologically outdated.

Our Solution

Perform an in-depth analysis of your current learning and assessment platforms to produce a set of unified, baseline business requirements and business case recommendations for streamlining and modernizing your assessment platform infrastructure.

Modernizing Learning Assessments and Evaluations

The Challenge

  • Your Level I Evaluations are not designed consistently and/or do not return actionable results.

  • Your assessment results are not used to improve learning.

  • Your high stakes assessments (tests with consequences) are not defensible.

Our Solution

  • Redesign Level I Evaluations and Reporting to demonstrate relevance, knowledge/skill acquisition and application/transfer.

  • Build a process to use assessment results to target remediation, improve learning assets, and ensure continuous learning and retention.

  • Share and implement a process that ensures that all high stakes assessments are fair, valid, and reliable.

Upskilling your L&D Team on Modern Measurement Techniques

The Challenge

Your L&D professionals lack foundational knowledge in measurement best practices or need to be aware of the latest research in learning and assessment.

Our Solution

Deliver these workshops:

  • The Science of Modern Learning

  • The Science of Modern Assessment

Communicating L&D Value & Operational Standards

The Challenge

  • Your company has multiple L&D platforms generating disparate data streams  and unsyntheszied reporting.

  • You need to improve how you are demonstrating the business value of L&D to senior management.

  • You need a formalized process to drive your measurement strategy. This document can be used by L&D staff and relevant stakeholders.


Our Solution

  • Create a learning measurement dashboard that synthesizes relevant L&D metrics to provide actionable insights to your L&D team and business stakeholders.

  • Create a process and reporting model that aligns L&D outcomes with larger business objectives to demonstrate the business value of the L&D function.

  • Deliver the Communicating L&D Business Value workshop.

  • Create a Measurement Governance document that synthesizes and guides all assessment and measurement activities with best practices and operational standards.

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