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A model to effectively measure learning, create actionable metrics, and communicate business value

The Art and Science of Measurement is Changing

Learning & Development teams are facing a myriad of challenges for executing a practical and scalable measurement strategy and plan of action.

Implementing a consistent set of formal measurement activities to drive meaningful business insights takes time and discipline. We can help guide your team through an iterative process with proven approaches and techniques you can start applying immediately.

Outdated Research

Traditional measurement techniques fail to consider emerging industry research

Learning Data Overload

L&D is growing multiple sources of disparate learning data from diverse systems

Lack of Knowledge
& Team Skills

Learning organizations struggle to maintain measurement acumen and experience

Stakeholder Expectation Gap

Business leaders struggle to understand how learning metrics relate to organizational performance

Data on a Touch Pad

How are you Driving the
Business Value of Learning?

As organizations continue to transform their workforce in an increasingly competitive business environment, learning leaders must evolve a strategy to meaningfully demonstrate L&D business alignment and value.

We've established a modern measurement model we call the L&D Value Framework. It encompasses three core area for measurement activity and action:

Organizational Impact


Learning Effectiveness


Operational Efficiency

Our Steps to Success


We perform a comprehensive assessment of your current learning measurement approach and supporting activities, processes, and technologies


We deliver timely, targeted training and workshops on relevant foundational and emerging learning measurement techniques and trends 


We help you create a measurement strategy framework and delivery work plan that can evolve and scale in alignment with your business

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